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Kingswood: North Side Parking Lot Addition

A row of cars parked in parking spaces.
The Township is undertaking a project to add a parking lot to the northern side of Kingswood Park.

Project Manager
Joel Smiddy
Service Department - Director of Parks

Overview / Connection to Park Master Plan
Kingswood Park is 96 acres and centrally located in the southern portion of Deerfield Township on Irwin Simpson Road along the I-71 corridor. In 2019, Deerfield Township completed the Comprehensive Park Master Plan in which Kingswood Park was designated as the Signature Park in Deerfield Township.

As part of the Park Master Plan, concept plans were prepared for each of our major parks based on the findings and outcomes of the planning process and community meetings for the Parks Master Plan. The conceptual plans illustrate how to expand community offerings for recreational amenities as identified through the community needs assessment and level of service at existing park lands and facilities.

The projects designed for 2022 at Kingswood Park have been taken primarily from the conceptual plans illustrated in the Park Master Plan based on recommendations from the community that attended the Park Master Plan Meetings. The following is an overview of the addition of a North Parking Lot.

Kingswood has several access locations around the 96 acre park. This provides visitors the opportunity to access the park through multiple points rather than a single point of entry. Due to the unique shape of Kingswood, the current parking is entirely at the furthest southern point of the Park.

One of the goals of the Master Plan is to provide amenities and convenient access to these amenities for park visitors. To accomplish this goal, the township secured a property adjacent to Kingswood Park to allow a parking lot and access point to the nature area of the park. The parking lot will provide sufficient parking along with a convenient access point along Duke Drive.

What is the project timeline?
  • The parking lot design was started in 2021.
  • Anticipated completion is Spring of 2022.
  • This project is currently in progress; completion of landscaping is under way.
  • The parking lot is currently available for public use.

Where exactly will this project take place?
  • The new parking lot is located off of Duke Blvd.
  • Please click here to view a map. (Look for the red 2021 Future Parking symbol.)
  • To view design schematics, please click here.

How is the project funded?
  • This project is funded through the Deerfield Township Park Levy.

What is the benefit of this project to the community?
  • Improves accessibility to the park for the community.