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Kingswood Park - Pollinator Gardens & Prairie


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Kingswood Park
Northern Section
Southern Section
Community Garden
Innovation Way
Community Pavilion (Full - Side A & B)
Community Pavilion (Side A)
Community Pavilion (Side B)
Activity Center

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Facility Area Information

4188 Irwin Simpson Road
Deerfield Township, OH 45040
Contact: Deerfield Township  Phone: (513) 701-6958

Kingswood Pollinator Gardens & Prairie

About the Pollinator Gardens & Prairie
  • The Pollinator Gardens were installed in September of 2020 and the Prairie was installed in May 2021.
  • On the southern side of the park, the pollinator pathway and island gardens follow the paved path from the Community Pavilion to the new crosswalk.
  • After crossing Innovation Way at the crosswalk, there is a native perennial garden welcoming visitors to the northern section where a large prairie flows along the paved pathway that leads to the right.

Benefits for the Community
  • Encourages active, outdoor activity for all ages by enhancing walking paths.
  • Increases awareness of and draws visitors to the northern section of Kingswood.
  • Increases plant diversity and improves habitat for wildlife; may also be leveraged for future programming.
  • Arborvitae screen on northern section will help block road noise.
  • Directly supports the vision of connecting our growing community with safe places to reflect, gather, and play while promoting healthy active lifestyles, community wellness, and environmental sustainability.
  • Walking trails and greenspace/natural areas are in the top 5 priorities identified for recreation amenities in the current Comprehensive Park Master Plan.

What's Next
  • The pollinator beds on the south side and north side entry should display growth starting in spring 2021. As these gardens mature, they will fill in and eventually will no longer need to be mulched. Please note that these will be naturalized, informal garden beds and will not have a formal manicured look like standard mulched beds.
  • The north side prairie is anticipated to show growth starting in June 2021. Prairies typically take 3-5 years to establish. During those early years, the plants are working hard to establish a strong root system. Once the prairie fills in and matures, we anticipate mowing a few pathways through the prairie to provide an opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural surroundings.
  • Please note that native grasses have been intentionally included in the plantings of both pollinator beds and the prairie to benefit wildlife. See below under "Additional Forms" for a link to the list of the plants used in this project.
  • It will take several years for the pollinator beds and prairie to fully establish. Each year you may notice the areas being mowed down once or twice depending on maintenance needs.
  • We welcome you to visit the park and check out the pollinator beds and prairie progress!

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