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Archery Range Rules

These archery range rules and regulations were adopted under Resolution 2018-16 Archery Range Rules.

Range Rules and Regulations

  1. The archery range is unsupervised. Use of this facility is strictly at your own risk.

  2. (ORC 2744) Deerfield Township does not assume any responsibility for loss or injuries.

  3. Direct, visual supervision by an adult 21 years of age or older is required for everyone under 18 years of age.

  4. Open ½ hour after sunrise until ½ hour before sunset.

  5. Maximum of 3 archers per lane.

  6. All persons must remain behind the shooting line when shooting is taking place.

  7. Call “CEASE FIRE” and display red flag before retrieving arrows.

  8. When searching for a lost arrow, stand your bow crossways in front of the target to indicate your intent.

  9. Call “ALL CLEAR” and conceal red flag before resuming to shoot.

  10. All lanes must stop shooting when “CEASE FIRE” has been called and a red flag is displayed. Shooting may resume after “ALL CLEAR” is called and the red flag is concealed.

  11. When you see a bow standing in front of a target, hold your position and do not shoot. Someone is searching for a lost arrow.

  12. Keep arrow pointed down range – sky drawing is strictly prohibited.

  13. Shoot only at the target in your lane – cross lane shooting is prohibited.

  14. Broadhead and razor tipped arrows are prohibited.

  15. Only bow, crossbow, paper or fabric target faces are permitted. Remove target faces and dispose of properly when finished.

  16. Range is to be used for archery only. Shoot only at provided targets.

  17. No pets, alcohol, or smoking allowed in the archery range.

  18. Report violations to Deerfield Township at 513.701.6958. In case of emergency, dial 911.