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Programming Policies

Please click on the following link to view our formal Parks & Recreation Programming Policies documentation.

The information listed below is a partial and summarized list of policies adopted under Resolution 2017-42.

Payment Policy

Payment is required at time of registration. Registrations and registration forms are completed online.

We impose a surcharge on credit cards of 3%, which is not greater than our cost of acceptance. 

*Certain programs may provide an option during check-out to print a registration form and then pay in the office. Please note that this method does not hold your spot. Registrations are not confirmed until payment is received.

Refund Policy

Participant requested changes must be made no later than 10 business days prior to the first class meeting. Refunds are subject to a $10.00 per registration processing fee and will only be granted when requested no later than 10 business days prior to the first class meeting. Please allow 10 business days for processing of all refunds.

Inclement Weather Closings

All programs will follow the Kings Local School District for inclement weather closings. Make-up sessions for cancelled classes are not guaranteed and are determined on a class-by-class basis.

Minors: Drop Off and Pick Up

For programs/camps where parents do not attend with the child, Deerfield Township requires all youth to be signed in by an adult. Youth may only be picked up by an authorized adult. Authorized adults must be indicated on the child’s member profile in your household account. A valid photo ID is required at the time of pick up.

For additions and changes of Authorized Adults after the start of a program, please bring a note signed by the parent/guardian.

For programs staffed by the Deerfield Township Parks and Recreation Department, parents/guardians may submit an additional signed waiver to allow their child, who is 12 years and older, to sign themselves out and leave a program without adult supervision. The Optional Release for Youth 12 Years and Older must be submitted at least 3 business days prior to the first day of the program. Youth without this signed release must be picked up by an authorized adult.

Youth Medical Information (Allergies, Medications, etc.)

Your child's safety is important to us. Please be sure to include all medical conditions (ex: allergies, asthma, dietary restrictions, medications) that you feel we should be aware of on your child's account information. This will be pulled into your child's registration and rosters.

Changes made in to your child's medical information must be made at least 3 business days prior to the first day of the program. Please notify us if you make a change after this time so that our rosters may be updated.

Medications: Only medications that are prescribed by a physician or necessary to treat a disability are allowed at camp. In order to bring an Epi-pen, inhaler, or other medication to camp, a parent/guardian must submit a completed Summer Camp Medication Form at least 10 business days prior to the first day of camp. Each medication requires a separate form. This applies to both self-carry and staff-hold instances.
Approved medications must:
- Be in the original prescription container
- Be clearly marked with the child’s name
- Have a current date (not expired)
- Be brought to camp staff upon arrival on the first day of camp
- Be signed in/out by an authorized adult each day (if the child is not authorized as self-carry)
Camp staff are not medical professionals and are not authorized to administer medication. (Deerfield Parks & Recreation Summer Camp staff are First Aid/CPR Certified.)
- Children are required to self-administer medications, whenever possible.
- Camp staff are trained in administering epi-pens and may assist with administration in an emergency.
- If a child is not authorized as self-carry, camp staff may hold the medication until the child asks for it.
- Camp Staff are not authorized to remind children of medication times.

Children with Special Needs

Deerfield Township values all children. If your child will need special assistance during program hours, please speak with us prior to registration so that we may work together to determine feasible accommodations and to ensure a positive experience for your child.