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Kingswood: Playground Area

A construction hat, laptop, tape measure, and level sitting on top of design schematics.
The Township is undertaking a project to add bench swings, playground areas, and a challenge course to Kingswood Park.

Project Manager
Joel Smiddy
Service Department - Director of Parks

Overview / Connection to Park Master Plan
Kingswood Park is 96 acres and centrally located in the southern portion of Deerfield Township on Irwin Simpson Road along the I-71 corridor. In 2019, Deerfield Township completed the Comprehensive Park Master Plan in which Kingswood Park was designated as the Signature Park in Deerfield Township.

As part of the Park Master Plan, concept plans were prepared for each of our major parks based on the findings and outcomes of the planning process and community meetings for the Parks Master Plan. The conceptual plans illustrate how to expand community offerings for recreational amenities as identified through the community needs assessment and level of service at existing park lands and facilities.

The projects designed for 2022 at Kingswood Park have been taken primarily from the conceptual plans illustrated in the Park Master Plan based on recommendations from the community that attended the Park Master Plan Meetings. The following is an overview of the improvements for the Playground Area.

The Park Master Plan identified the Signature Park as a Park unique to the community or region and signifies the best of a parks and recreation system. These parks service a variety of ages and emphasize family and organized group activities. Signature Parks will often have a unique special use facility or a single purpose recreation activity.

Given the variety of potential uses, Kingswood provides the signature park with open space, trails, farmers market and community gardens to name a few. With this unique signature park setting, its layout leads to the opportunity to create a passive open space on the majority of the north property and a limited active recreation area on the south side of the Park.

The design next to the new activity center allows for a unique Hedra 2-5 and a Hedra 5-12 playground system. Additionally, this area will support a Fitcore/Ninja Course that will provide an experience that is complementary to the playgrounds at the Park. One of the objectives in the park master plan for the signature park is to provide an all-day experience for the community and visitors to the park and this combination of passive and active space achieves that goal.

What is the project timeline?
  • KZF Design was approved by the Board of Trustees to provide design work.
  • This project was discussed at the June 15, 2021 and November 16, 2021 Trustee Work Sessions. Please click here for a link to meeting agendas, minutes, and videos.
  • The contractor has begun work on-site; this project is currently in progress.
  • Anticipated project completion is late 2022.

Where exactly will this project take place?
  • The new playground area will be located next to the future Activity Center (old maintenance building).
  • Amenities include bench swings, ages 2-5 years playground, ages 5-12 years playground, and ages 13+ challenge course.
  • To view maps, pictures, and videos related to this project, please click here.

How is the project funded?
  • This project is being funded through the Deerfield Township Park Levy.

What is the benefit of this project to the community?
  • Bench Swings provide a place for relaxation.
  • Playgrounds and Challenge Course encourage physical activity for a broad age range.
  • This project furthers the Park Master Plan vision of Kingswood Park becoming a Signature Park and destination in the Township.