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Kingswood: Pathway Connections & Wayfinding

Kingswood Park photo of open fields with paved pathway running through it.
The Township is undertaking a project to connect existing pathways at Kingswood Park and add wayfinding for visitors.

What is the project timeline?
  • Phase I: Asphalt pathway connections were completed in Spring 2021.
  • Phase II: Providing wayfinding (trail naming/identification) and educational signage. Signage providing educational topics related to prairie ecosystems was added in late 2021. Anticipated completion of all signage was extended to Spring of 2022.

Where exactly will this project take place?
  • Installation of asphalt to connect existing pathways will be on the northern side of the park.
  • Wayfinding will be completed on trails for both the south and the north side of the park.
  • Please click here to view a map of the project.

How is the project funded?
  • This project is being funded through the Deerfield Township Park Levy.

What is the benefit of this project to the community?
  • Creates linkages and connects pathways to one another.
  • Improves accessibility to the park for the community.
  • Clearly defines trails and develops wayfinding.
  • Educational signage increases community awareness and knowledge of prairie ecosystems.

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